A free one-shot adventure designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition



In the city of Ibrido, locals enjoy a life of splendor and frivolity. Every week, a lavish party is held at the Castel di Maschera, hosted by the Marquis di Maschera, Prospero, who has a reputation for being a generous party-thrower and avid patron of the arts. Receiving an invitation to a Marquis di Maschera party is coveted, and those who enter his social circle never leave it.

But the Castel di Maschera holds many secrets. When a strange, hybrid creature โ€” half bird, half man โ€” is found brutally murdered in Ibridoโ€™s city square, tattooed with the Marquisโ€™s signature symbol of two masks, rumors have begun to spread throughout Ibrido that something more sinister may be occurring. 

Did a Marquis di Maschera party simply get out of hand, or does a real danger threaten the inhabitants of Ibrido?


  • Designed for level 3 characters
  • Difficulty: medium to hard, depending on group size
  • Original items and unique mechanics