NaNoWriMo Final Check-In


Oh hello! Guess who never did any NaNoWriMo check-ins after my first one?

I don't feel too bad about that, because:

snip20171129_15 (1).png

So I guess spending less time writing blog posts is OK, all things considering. :)

However, I didn't "finish" my novel. I don't feel like 50K words is enough for most novels, truthfully (many industry standards are closer to the 80K mark). I actually only wrote 30K words toward my novel. But throughout the course of the month, I wrote around 80,000 words. I'm considering that a personal win.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 30K for Daughters of Fortuna (in progress);
  • 20K for additional chapters of The Gamemakers, the novel I wrote during last year's NaNoWriMo, actually completing this manuscript;
  • 10K for a role-play module I wrote in one weekend (details to come since I'll be sharing it here!);
  • 5K for freelance writing projects;
  • 15K for a few miscellaneous projects, including a short story for an anthology and chapters of an ongoing D&D story I've been writing for my friends.

For me, the best part of NaNoWriMo is making writing into a habit. Writing a book in one month is certainly possible, but I tend to feel that an actual book is best written over the course of several months or even years. It's very easy to get discouraged early on, so I like to just aim for writing as much as I can. 80,000 words that I wrote now exist, and they didn't a month ago. Plus, I have some completed pieces now to show for it.

Hope you all had a productive and exciting month! I have some fun stuff to share with you soon -- some role-play modules to download, a short story anthology, and perhaps more?