2017 Wrap-Up, and Looking Ahead


2017 was quite a year! I'm so grateful for everything I was able to experience this year. As kind of a year-end wrap-up, I thought it'd be fun to compile all the writing I did this year and see what the data says. So, I put everything I wrote — short stories (published and unpublished), RPG adventures, in-progress novels, the entirety of The Citizen's Guide to Research, published articles, etc. — into a Scrivener doc. 

The Data

  • Words: 211,669
  • Characters: 1,226,809
  • Most-used word: "The"
  • Least-used word: "Prisoner"

I think I'm going to make this a yearly practice. It's so rewarding to see everything I've written in one place, and having distinct memories of writing each word. I'm so glad I chose to make writing a bigger part of my life again this year! And I'm grateful to all of my friends and family who provided support and encouragement along the way.

There were so many projects I enjoyed writing this year, but I have to say my personal favorites were projects I recently finished: a short science-fiction story called Breathing Room, and my first RPG adventure. A Night of Masks and Monsters

Looking ahead to 2018

Some projects I have on the agenda for next year!

The Fractures

I'm bursting with excitement about 2018 writing. My main project for the first part of the year is the full RPG campaign I've started called The Fractures. This is different than anything I've ever created, and I can't wait to share more with you soon!

SLEEPING GIANT MOUNTAIN (originally titled To the Heart of the Mountain)

This is a new original one-shot adventure that will be out in the coming weeks! Writing one-shots is quickly becoming a passion of mine. It's endlessly fun to create a contained adventure, and see how players interact with your world and characters. 

Badlands (working title)

Earlier this year I began writing a short story anthology, tentatively titled Badlands. I realized that all of the short stories I was writing had a similar theme of women being shaped by their environments. I'm aiming for a late spring release for Badlands. Two of the stories in Badlands are available to read here: The Soapmaker and Motherland.  

Breathing Room, The Gamemakers, etc...

I've been shopping around some recent pieces of work that I hope will find homes sometime this year! I love having full control over the writing I create, but one of my goals this year is to get back into the world of literary journals. So, I will hopefully have some non-journalistic bylines to share in the coming months. :)   

The new year lays open before us. What stories will unfold? Can't wait to find out!