The Executioner's Daughter


Oh, hey! It's been a little quiet around here, hasn't it? That's because I've been writing like CRAZY! I just released my fifth title for DMs Guild, The Executioner's Daughter. This is a solo adventure and I had a blast writing it; I feel like solo adventures really suit my passion for short stories and narrative RPGs. Here's a bit more about this title.

The Executioner's Daughter was originally a short story I wrote while in Barcelona last year. It was inspired by Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, the Spanish Inquisition, and St. Jordi's Day, which is a legend about a knight saving a princess from a dragon. I combined these three sources of inspiration to create this story and put my own feminist twist on it. 

Because this is a solo adventure, I wanted to give the player a rich narrative. The main character in this story is a young woman named Domenica, whose fate is ultimately up to the player. Domenica is a devout follower of the God of Dragons, Bahamut, and this drives many of her motivations. Domenica lives in Soldra, a city that was once frequently attacked by dragons who had been displaced when the city was first settled. The city's first priest established a sacrificial ceremony, in which a virgin woman was offered to the dragons in exchange for Soldra's safety. Decades later, the ceremony has become an annual tradition. Domenica's father, Soldra's Executioner, serves the King and condemns those who try to stop the ceremony. But when the ceremony doesn't go as planned, Domenica, and the player, have hard choices to make. 

Moodboard for  The Executioner's Daughter .

Moodboard for The Executioner's Daughter.

The Executioner's Daughter is the first installment in a trilogy entitled Tribunal. Each story is about a woman scorned by society for different reasons and is ultimately put to the test; the player is pulled into their narrative and can choose what part to play. The second and third installments are titled The Resurrectionist and The Wolf Oracle, also derivations of short stories I've already written. Each installment is a standalone adventure but there are a few tie-ins; they all take place in the same area (which is actually all based in Emberez so this whole collection will be included in A Requiem of Wings).  

The response to this story has been incredible. I've never experienced anything quite like it! I'm going to get real with you for a moment: I almost didn't release this story. I was concerned that it was too weird, too niche, and not what people want from a D&D adventure. Because this story is special to me, I knew I'd be putting my heart on the line. I'm wasn't so much concerned with criticism — that's a natural and expected part of writing for an audience! — but more people just being like, "What the f*&! is this nonsense?" Boy, was I wrong! I am so glad I went with my gut. It's been so rewarding to see players connect with this story and with Domenica. I feel really strongly about this story and the other two installments of Tribunal; this trilogy comes from a more personal place than my other work and that it's resonating with others feels wonderful.

You can get The Executioner's Daughter for free on DMs Guild! Hope you enjoy participating in Domenica's story.