A free one-shot adventure designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition



The city of St. Valentine is home to Dante's Casa di Dolci, a world-renowned bakery — which is also the entrance to a secret labyrinth, created by a mischievous, vengeful god. Every February, an unsuspecting resident of St. Valentine is pulled into the maze. Some return after years spent in the labyrinth, but most remain lost in it forever.

When Dante's beloved wife, Simonetta, is pulled into the labyrinth, he must enlist the help of adventurers to get her back. The journey that follows is one of strange doors, riddles, and dangerous creatures that lurk among the hedges...

This is a Valentine's Day adventure coming in early February 2018!

Set in the same world as A Night of Masks and Monsters, and part of the A Requiem of Wings campaign, coming out late 2018.


  • Designed for level 4-5 characters
  • Difficulty: Medium to hard