Curriculum Vitae


  • Master of Arts, Literacy Studies: University of Nevada, Reno

  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature/French, University of Nevada, Reno

Work History

  • Marketing Director | Astral TableTop (present)

  • Marketing Coordinator | Hughes Private Capital

  • Director of User Education | ShortStack

  • Special Projects Editor | Reno News & Review

  • Director | Northern Nevada Tool Library

  • Director of Curriculum | Reno Collective Coworking

  • Graduate Writing Consultant | University Writing Center


  • Legendlore (in-progress, produced by Onyx Path Publishing)

  • Dreams of the Red Wizards Trilogy (produced by Wizards of the Coast/Adventurers League)

    • Breaking Umberlee’s Resolve

    • Blood in the Water

    • Saving Silverbeard

  • Uncaged Vol. II (contributor, “The Spoils of War”)

  • Tactical Maps: Adventure Atlas (contributor, “Crystal Caverns,” produced by Guild Adepts)

  • Winter’s Splendor (produced by Wizards of the Coast/Adventurers League)

  • A Holy Visit (Part 6 of the Embers of the Last War series)

  • Dinos of Darkness (with P.B. Publishing)

  • The Ring of the Battle Maiden

  • The Executioner’s Daughter (Part 1 of Tribunal solo adventure trilogy)

  • The Starlight Relic (Part 3 of A Requiem of Wings)

  • Labyrinth of Thorns (Part 2 of A Requiem of Wings)

  • Sleeping Giant Mountain

  • A Night of Masks and Monsters (Part 1 of A Requiem of Wings)


  • Opuscule of Omens: A Guide to the Signs and Symbols of the Multiverse

  • Encounters in Saltmarsh (contributor, produced by Guild Adepts)

  • Encounters on the Savage Seas (contributor, “Upon the Clashing Waves,” produced by Jeff Stevens)

  • Encounters in Sharn (contributor, “The Callestan Clash,” produced by Guild Adepts)