A free one-shot adventure designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition



A legend speaks of a lost ring that belonged to famed battle maiden Dagmar the Unyielding: traverser of the realms, feller of beasts and giants and all those who dared to stand against her. The ring, lost among the Moonshae Isles, is imbued with the power of her might. Many have sought out the ring, but few have uncovered it. 

The ring is shielded by the Daughters of the Gray, a fierce and fearsome band of warriors as tough and relentless as the coastal landscape from which they were hewn. The Daughters, 

who reside in a Norland settlement called Kvinne, have made an oath to Dagmar, whom they revere and respect, to protect the ring at all costs. Only those the Daughters deem worthy allowed to get close to it. 

For the ring is not a piece of jewelry: it’s a place. In fact, it’s an arena. 

Prepare your weapons — welcome to the Ring of the Battle Maiden!


  • Designed for level 1 characters as an introductory adventure
  • Difficulty: easy to medium

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