AN EPIC ORIGINAL ADVENTUre designed for dungeons & dragons 5th Edition


A cataclysm has torn open the universe. The fabric of space-time is now tenuously held together by a collective of mages and artificers known as the Conjury. Despite the Conjury’s best efforts, portals — called the Fractures — have appeared throughout the splintered celestial bodies, and people are disappearing through the cracks. No one dares to willingly travel through the Fractures, for there’s no telling what’s on the other side. 

But the inhabitants of Contra Nova, a city now separated from its home planet, have noticed a pattern in the chaos: the only people lost to the Fractures are young women. Were they taken, or did they choose to go? Rumors abound, and long-simmering wars between factions begin to stir. Have the experiments of the Edgelight gone awry, or was the breach triggered by the fabled Druid of Delta Cara?

The universe needs adventurers who are willing to risk the unknown and return the lost daughters to Contra Nova. Are you brave enough to delve into the Fractures?


  • Full campaign with maps, unique items, and more
  • Cross-genre adventure, blending fantasy and science fiction

Coming SPRING 2018